Odysseya Reviews

A fascinating and moving Australian immigrant saga set against the backdrop of ancient and modern Russian history.
— Archbishop Hilarion, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and NZ Russian Orthodox Church (Canadian born now Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad)

A triumph of a novel!
— Wendy O’Hanlon, Acres Australia

From Russia to China, around the world and back again – share the author’s well researched family story and how he came to call Australia home.
— John Morrow’s Pick of the Week Armidale

Heartfelt greetings to the readers of: ‘Odysseya – An epic journey from Russia to Australia’. The tragic revolutionary events that overtook Imperial Russia in the 20th Century deprived Russia of millions of its countrymen. A large number, found themselves in the Far East and eventually many of them established a second homeland on the continent of Australia. Their faith, fortune, suffering and struggle for a worthwhile life should not be forgotten. Vassilieff’s book presents an important contribution in preserving the historical legacy of the Russian Diaspora.
— Maria Romanova, HIH The Grand Duchess of Russia, Head of the Russian Imperial House

A captivating read, personifying a series of significant – historical broad ranging events – as lived through by the author and his family, spanning the 20th Century of Russia, China and Australia. A heritage left for the future generations in its intimate account of what it’s like to lose part of one’s family and homeland and finally reach Australian shores to ultimately call it home.
— Vladimir Kouzmin, Editor Unification (Russian Weekly National Newspaper - Australia)

This was truly an Odyssey lived through by many but told by very few, which makes the book not only interesting but also valuable as a documentary.
— Dr Paul A Urtiew, ORUR Snr Scm (Chief Sct ret’d), San Francisco

Finished your book yesterday (I’m a fast reader) you certainly put in a lot of work to get your information and a lot of effort. I liked the way you have given a brief history of all aspects of Russia before beginning your family story. It is a wonderful legacy for your children, grandchildren, as well as future generations. They will know their family history.
— Iia Sergie Special Needs Teacher and avid reader Sydney

In this family memoir, anecdotes of hope and courage enliven the bleak backdrop of war and deprivation… the family’s belief in one another and their promising future, despite volatile political events and the necessity of starting over—again and again.
— Kirkus Discoveries New

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